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Self Care Through

the Power of the Horse


9am - 1pm

Next Session
Date TBD

Enrollment is limited to 8 women.

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There are a lot of pressures placed on women.

Career, family, friends, home - a focus on others.

WHERE do you fit in?

  • With the help of sensitive horses, learn more about your own emotional well-being

  • Renew and replenish your energy


Dr. Tufia Steidle

Dr Steidle is a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified equine assisted therapist.

  • Play with your intuition - and trusting your gut

  • Expand your understanding of what self-care means for you - and how to fit it into your life

Take time for YOU - join us.


Maggie Anderson

Maggie is a certified facilitator in several organizations helping adults overcome old patterns of behaviors and beliefs.

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Let us know if you'd like to be informed of the next session.
Register for the Women's Retreat

Admission fee for this retreat is $325


Thanks for registering!

   $50 non-refundable cancelation fee if canceling 2 weeks before the retreat.

$100 non-refundable cancelation fee if canceling within 1 week of the retreat.

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