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Our Results

We're proud of the work we do and how it changes the trajectory of a young person's life.

Being recognized for our work is a bonus!

Happy Student

Students in alternative learning classes due to behavior, failing grades, or other challenges return to their mainstream classes about 98% of the time.


Success Stories
~ as told by
our mentees.

By working with the horses, I learned how to be assertive (but not mean) with people.

- mentee aged 13

I care about me now and what I think about me. Not what other people think.

- mentee aged 13

Because the horses can sense stuff, I learned to be the calmer version of myself.

- mentee aged 11

I learned that a bad attitude causes a ripple effect.

- mentee aged 12

The horses reflect my energy, so I can see my behavior.

- mentee aged 11

I'm happier since I've been coming here.

- mentee aged 13

We learn to channel energy through physical work.

- mentee aged 12

I get to be my real self.

- mentee aged 12

My son has dramatically improved his performance at school and has become an engaged and thoughtful member of our family.

Parent of a Mentee

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