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Our Programs

Home Base Ranch programs are designed for getting to know oneself better, and appreciating who that is.


Our integrative mentoring program is recognized as one of the finest. With experienced, dedicated staff, we work with young people aged 8-14 dealing with the challenges of growing up.

Our approach combines group meetings with smaller group activities such as horse care, ranch maintenance, and more. We help our mentees understand, cement and own the insights made with the horses.

Horses mirror moods, teaching a person how their behaviors affect others.  This feedback process encourages them to change their behaviors to successfully work with the horse and ultimately other people.  This process invites them to treat others with compassion, respect, and patience.

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At Home Base Ranch we welcome classroom visits.

We have worked closely with several classroom teachers who bring their students to learn integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Every visit begins with a whole group check in - students identify and name their feelings and what might have influenced the way they are feeling at the moment.

We rotate small groups through confidence-building activities on the ranch, including interacting with the horses - skilled facilitators interact casually with students as they rotate through each activity.


Our summer day camp programs fill up quickly. We have a strategy for personal growth that happens in between and during activities. There are opportunities to learn conflict resolution skills and exposure to activities that are not always readily available to our campers.

We work onsite to gain communication skills and then practice  what we've learned in all sorts of situations:

  • small group activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, working with the horses, games . . .

  • larger group activities like check in circles and sports . . .

  • off-site practice with field trips to the beach, fishing, playgrounds, hiking trails, nature centers . . .

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Equine Assisted Learning is one of the most powerful tools for transformation and is incorporated into all of our programs.


We know that effective communication with humans is largely non-verbal. 55% of our communication is body language, and 38% is tone. That leaves words as only about 7% of how people understand each other. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) has been proven to help establish healthier non-verbal communication skills that can be applied to human relationships.

The confidence, respect, and self-knowledge gained from bonding and working with 1,000 lb animals translates from the ranch to the outside world - in school and at home.


Home Base Ranch is an ideal location for team building - we have indoor and outdoor spaces to work in small and large groups. Working with horses as a team building exercise is enlightening and rewarding for individuals and the group as a whole - and it's fun at the same time.

Learn more here.

Retreats (non-residential) can be held at the ranch for groups up to 30 people, with or without catering.

Contact us for inquiries.

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