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New at Home Base Ranch

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Everyone is Welcome

Home Base Ranch

we restore peace and joy

to the process of growing up

through horseplay

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Growing Up is Hard

We are here to help.

Home Base Ranch is 501c3 non-profit sanctuary for young people 8 -14 years old who may be in the grips of  psychological or emotional challenges. Our goal is to provide the highest level of youth mentoring services regardless of the family’s ability to pay.  Home Base Ranch is a 4-acre facility nestled in the hills of Lakeside, CA that is dedicated to helping youth of all genders overcome challenges, discover their strengths to create happy, meaningful and purposeful lives.

The two core components of our program are:


1. Equine assisted learning - Working with 1,000-pound animals requires self-awareness & emotional regulation. Mentees learn to be assertive, calm & kind with horses – skills transferable to human interactions.


2. Facilitated integration groups - Mentees meet in mixed gender groups to learn to identify & state what they are feeling, resolve conflicts, & practice the interpersonal skills learned by working with the horses.


Our four-acre ranch is the ideal setting for your retreats, meetings and events.

There are plenty of meeting spaces (inside & out) on our rustic ranch.

If you'd rather let us do the work, we offer team-building workshops

for leadership teams, workgroups, and other small groups.

Additional Services

Group Discussion
Retreat Space Available

Rent facilities for your group:

large group room & breakout rooms.

Empty Chairs
Horse Ridding School
Team Building Workshops

Let the horses do their magic with your team or group.

Horse Doll
Helping Hands

How you can help support our mentees.


Questions or Comments?

Thank you - we'll get back to you!!

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